DFLP: ‘We need unified national leadership and popular resistance’

Representatives of the main Palestinian political factions during a meeting in Beirut - September 2020 (Anwar Amro - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  April 23, 2022

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine has announced that Palestinians and their political forces do not need “poisonous American advice”. It added that, instead, it requires the mobilization of a unified national leadership that adopts a strategy of struggle through comprehensive popular resistance and national disobedience to defeat the occupation and expel settlers.

Commenting on the US State Department delegation visit to Ramallah, the DFLP added in a statement that promises made by the US before US President Joe Biden came to power are nothing but false promises that can only form a cover for the occupation and its criminal practices, aggressive actions and colonial settlement projects.

The DFLP urged others to stop counting on these promises, to pay attention to the internal situation and strengthen the role of Palestinian legitimacy by implementing the decisions of the National Council and the Central Council.

The DFLP concluded by inviting the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to assume its responsibilities and hold open meetings on the agenda for implementing the decisions of the Central Council, to enhance national unity and provide Palestinians with political and moral protection.