29 Palestinian children killed by Israel since start of 2022

Palestinian children hold candles during a rally amid the ruins of houses destroyed by Israeli strikes, in Gaza City, May 2021 (Mohammed Abed - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 27, 2022

Israeli occupation forces have killed 29 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem since the start of 2022, Defence for Children International-Palestine (DCI-Palestine) reported on Wednesday. According to the rights group, ten of the children killed by the Israelis were from Jenin.

“All of the children were killed after being shot with live ammunition in their upper extremities,” explained DCI-Palestine. “This is evidence of intentional killing.”

The organization pointed out that data collected from the field show that the Israeli occupation forces systematically target the upper parts of the body in order to kill or leave children with permanent pain. “Using lethal force was the rule adopted by the Israeli occupation forces,” it added, especially during Operation Wave Breaker launched on 31 March in the occupied West Bank, mainly the city of Jenin.

DCI-Palestine called for “serious and transparent” investigations into the killing of the children, and for the Israeli occupation government to be held accountable.

“Lack of accountability and investigations in addition to impunity encourages the Israeli occupation forces to carry out its crimes against Palestinian children,” noted DCI-Palestine, “including killing, maiming and detention.”