Worker in viral video tells the details of abuse by Israeli soldiers

(Palestine News network- screenshot)

Palestine News Network  /  August 20, 2020


A few days ago, a video of Israeli soldiers attacking and torturing Palestinian workers while on their work to work in Israel has gone viral, sparking solidarity with the Palestinians who were forced to face abuse and humiliation in such workplaces to make a living.

The youth, Montaser al-Fakhoury (21) from Al-Khalil-Hebron, was one of the workers who were subjected to abuse by the occupation soldiers. The worker told PNN reporter the details of the attack against him and the workers who were with him.

Al-Fakhoury explained that “the workers did not expect that the soldiers to be filming what happened, we only thought that they had their mobile flashlights on.”

“They were beating us mercilessly. When we said we had respiratory illnesses, they beat us on our chests, and they kept going. After that they stole 1100 shekels from me and stole money from the rest of the workers. In addition, they stole dozens of cigarette packs from us,” Al-Fakhoury added.

Al-Fakhoury said that the coronavirus outbreak has worsened the already bad economic situation, forcing many young people to go to work inside Israel.

“The night of the attack, we left our homes at 11:15 at night and reached the borders and barbed wire. We crossed to be surprised by an ambush of soldiers on the other side, and when they caught us we asked for the presence of police for legality, but they refused to inform the police and began assaulting us brutally.

“The soldiers dealt with us outside the law and humiliated us, pulled us by our feet on the ground, hit us with sticks and also made fun of us alongside the beating,” he said.

Regarding the aftereffect of this crime, Al-Fakhoury said that he was shocked after watching the video, which was widely spread, explaining that he did not want anyone to see the video because of the amount of oppression and humiliation they were subjected to.

However, Al-Fakhoury said that “after the video was published and had gone viral, I have seen the extent of solidarity by popular and human rights groups, and I was convinced of the idea of ​​publishing it to expose the occupation who daily attacks the workers.”

Al-Fakhoury expressed his deep thanks to everyone who stood by the Palestinian workers who are forced to go to work in Israel during such difficult economic circumstances in Palestine and live in such poor living conditions, while also being targeted by the occupation.