[violation of international law] Israel expels former Palestinian prisoners from occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces in Jerusalem (Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitior  /  July 9, 2021

The Israeli occupation forces have handed four former Palestinian prisoners expulsion orders from the city of Jerusalem for terms of between three and six months. The orders also ban the individuals from having any contact with a number of people and activists.

The four Palestinians are Nasser al-Hadmi, Salim al-Jubeh, Majed al-Jubeh, and Yaqoub Abu Assab. All four are alleged to be Hamas activists. According to the expulsion orders, they are said to “pose a threat” to the occupation state.

Nasser al-Hadmi is the head of the Jerusalem Committee against Demolition and Displacement. He explained that the displacement and Judaization taking place in the city includes Israel’s targeting of Jerusalemites, which is a dangerous escalation aimed at weakening and breaking the spirit of the city’s population in the face of the enemy.

Al-Hadmi called on all Jerusalemites to strengthen their ranks against the occupation’s plans by distancing themselves from traitors and spies. He urged the Palestinian people everywhere to unite and face the occupation and its plans. “The resistance unity during the Sword of Jerusalem Battle conveyed the people’s convictions and their unity under one banner in the face of the enemy,” he added.