[video] Human rights defenders at risk: the case of Sami Hureini from At-Tuwani

Sami Hureini (File)

Youth of Sumud  /  April 27, 2021

Sami Hureini’s arrest is an example of the widespread targeting of activists and human rights defenders by the Israeli military courts. Organizations, individuals and authorities need to advocate for the rights and safety of human rights defenders in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel and hold the Israeli government accountable for their systematic prosecution.

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Hureini’s next trial hearing at Ofer is set to take place on the May 31.

Youth of Sumud (YOS) is a youth-led Palestinian organization of human rights defenders in the West Bank that is committed to resisting the Israeli occupation and illegal settlement expansion through peaceful popular resistance. The conditions, in which human rights defenders carry out their indispensable work are deteriorating. The Israeli government employs repressive methods to discredit, restrict and criminalize the work of human rights defenders.