UN Human Rights Office ‘shocked’ by ‘extra-judicial’ killing of Palestinian youth

Middle East Monitor  /  December 6, 2021

The UN Human Rights Office said on Saturday night that it was “shocked” by the extra-judicial” killing of Palestinian youth Mohammad Salimah by Israeli border police.

“The UN Human Rights Office is shocked by the apparent extra-judicial execution of Mohammad Shawkat Sleemah today at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem,” a statement posted on the office’s Facebook page said.

“Footage shows Mr Sleemah attacking a passerby and police officer with a knife before being shot and subdued,” the UN office said. “While on the ground and injured, Israeli forces shot Mr Sleemah twice, apparently killing him.”

The UN Human Rights Office stressed: “Extra-judicial killings such as this are the consequence of the regular resort to lethal force by well-armed and well-protected Israeli security personnel against Palestinians.”

Such events, it added, are also a consequence of “almost total lack of accountability for killings and injuries of Palestinians by Israeli forces.”

Concluding the statement, the UN Human Rights Office asked: “Will there be accountability in this case? The UN Human Rights Office is monitoring the case further.”