UAE has been boycotting Palestine since 2010, says Fatah

Senior Fatah official Jibril Al-Rajoub (Shadi Hatem - APA Images)

Middle  East Monitor  /  September 17, 2020

The Secretary-General of Fatah’s Central Committee has revealed that the UAE has been boycotting Palestine since 2010, Al-Khaleej Online reported on Wednesday. Jibreel Al-Rajoub made his comments on Palestine TV.

“The UAE has not treated with the Palestinian ambassador in Abu-Dhabi since 2010,” explained Al-Rajoub. “Indeed, since then, the ambassador has not been invited to any official event [in the UAE].”

According to the Fatah official, the ambassador was not even invited to the UAE’s national occasions. “They used to invite all ambassadors except ours, who received invitations which said, ‘All ambassadors are invited except [the Palestinian].”

Moreover, said Al-Rajoub, “The Arab countries have stopped the dues which they used to pay [towards the Palestinian Authority’s budget] based on resolutions agreed by the Arab League.”

He noted that US President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner toured the Arab countries and asked them to stop helping the Palestinians. “This was an introduction to break the will of the Palestinians in order to push them to accept a solution that liquidates their cause and reduces it to a matter of having to scrape a living.”

Nevertheless, the Fatah official insisted that the Palestinians will not allow UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed or anyone else to use the Palestinian cause as “a fig leaf to cover their betrayals and conspiracies.”