UAE accused of selling Palestinian lands in East Jerusalem

The predominantly Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan, just outside the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem (AFP)

Mohammad Ayesh

Middle East Eye  /  April 9, 2021

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken part in selling properties in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian website Al-Qastal reported on Thursday.

“The UAE is involved in selling three properties to settlers in Batn al-Hawa neighbourhood in the Silwan area in East Jerusalem,” Al-Qastal quoted informed Palestinian sources. 

The sources said that “documents proving the involvement of the UAE and Palestinian figures in selling real estate in Silwan will be revealed later”.

At dawn on Thursday, groups of settlers reportedly managed to seize three buildings and a plot of land in Batn al-Hawa neighbourhood, under the protection of the Israeli occupation police, after the site was handed to settler associations.

Meanwhile, families from the town of Silwan, just outside of occupied East Jerusalem, held a meeting on Thursday in which they stressed the necessity of boycotting “real estate looters” cooperating with settler associations.

The boycott includes refraining from attending their events and from inviting them to national or family events, and imposing a complete and comprehensive boycott against them and their families.

Mohammad Ayesh is an Arab journalist currently based in London