Fatah calls for turning the PA into civil service body

Member of Fatah Central Committee Nasser al-Qudwa in Ramallah (Issam Rimawi - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  February 4, 2020

Member of Fatah Central Committee Nasser Al Qudwa called for turning the Palestinian Authority (PA) into a civil service body, Al Wattan Voice reported yesterday.

Al Qudwa said the measure would help Palestinians undermine US President Donald Trump’s “peace plan” for the Middle East dubbed the “deal of the Century”.

He described the deal as a package of positions of the extremist Israeli right, evangelicals and colonialists.

This deal, he continued, is based on the fact that all of British Mandate Palestine is for Israel and is based on denying the rights and existence of the Palestinians.

He stressed that the implementation of this deal is a violation of international law and the start of its implementation would be an official announcement of ending all forms of talks and peace efforts.