Netanyahu green-lights submitting draft to annex Jordan Valley

annexing the Jordan Valley

Palestine News Network  /  November 19, 2019

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given the green light to Likud committees to submit a draft bill to annex the Jordan Valley and submit it to the Israeli parliament next week, Likud party said Tuesday morning.

The newspaper Maariv quoted Hebrew Knesset member of the (Likud) party Shirn Hsichel as saying “Netanyahu gave her the green light to push forward the bill to the Knesset next week,” she said, expressing hope that the White-Blue alliance would not frustrate the project.

“The atmosphere is conducive to the annexation of the Jordan Valley, in light of US President Donald Trump’s announcement yesterday that the West Bank settlements do not contravene international law and the opportunity to make significant strides,” she said.

This comes several weeks after Netanyahu announced ahead of the last elections his intention to raise the issue of annexation of the Jordan Valley after forming a new government.