Israeli leaks disrupt setting up naval force in Gulf

Israeli navy to the Gulf

Middle East Monitor  /  October 24, 2019

The US administration has criticised leaks by Israeli officials about Tel Aviv’s partnership in a naval force being set up to protect vessels in the Gulf waters, Ma’an reported yesterday.

Monitors said the leaks caused problems because many Gulf states do not want to disclose their relations with Israel.

Israeli radio reported unnamed American sources saying that Iran benefitted from the leaks and used them to obstruct the establishment of the naval force.

According to Maan, the unnamed American sources told the radio station that many of the Gulf states, which do not have relations with Israel, refused to take part in the naval force as a result of Tel Aviv’s involvement in it.

Washington was obliged to explain for these countries that Israel’s participation would only be to provide intelligence.

So far, there has been no official announcement regarding when the naval force will being operations.

Several oil tankers have recently been attacked in Gulf waters, with Saudi and the US pointing blame at Iran. Tehran has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attacks.