[pipe dream] Israel agency plans to attract 250,000 Jewish migrants in three to five years

Head of the Jewish Agency, Isaac Herzog (File)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 1, 2020

Head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Isaac Herzog, plans to attract 250,000 Jewish immigrants to settle in Israel over a period of three to five years.

In an interview with the Hebrew newspaper, Israel Hayom, Herzog stated that the current political and economic situation presents a historic opportunity to ensure the integration of immigrants into Israeli society and economy.

He added: “It may seem a bit strange given the unstable economic, social and political situation, but immigration may become one solution to overcome the crisis, in the sense that an immigration wave can induce an economic recovery; and this is a huge opportunity for Israel at social and economic levels.”

According to Israeli law, all Jews, no matter where they were born or what their ancestry, are Israeli citizens by right. A number of organisations help them make Aliyah, immigration to Israel with the promise of jobs and stability.