Palestinians in Israel to organize Palestine Flag March

Middle East Monitor  /  July 7, 2021

Palestinian citizens in Israel are planning to organize a Palestine Flag March on Friday in response to Israel’s Flag March which is held annually in May.

Safa news agency reported the Coordinator of the Kifah Movement, Muaz Bayadseh, saying that the march will launch at 3pm in Umm al-Fahm. The event is an effort to unite Palestinians across Israel and revive the raising of the Palestinian flag, with Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem also taking part.

Participants, he said, are aware of the Israeli harassment and aggression they will be subjected to during the event.

It is hoped the event will become an annual fixture.

One of the organizers told Safa: “Israel has banned the Palestine flag in Lod, Ramlah, Haifa and Yafa, but we pledge to raise a large number of them in these cities.”

In 2018, an Israeli MK suggested a bill to punish anyone who lifts the Palestinian flag in Israel after it was flown in the centre of Tel Aviv during a demonstration against the Nation-State law, which states that Israel does not belong to all its citizens, but is instead the “the Nation-State of the Jewish people”.