Palestinians in Israel protest against crime, police collusion

Middle East Monitor  /  January 30, 2021

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens in Umm al-Fahm and Wadi Ara in Israel took to the streets on Friday to protest against violence, crime, and police collusion with criminal gangs, Arab48 reported.

The Palestinians Arabs started their demonstration at the Headquarters of Umm al-Fahm municipality after performing Friday prayer, according to the news website, noting that this was the third Friday that protests had been organised.

Arab48’s reporter Diyaa Haj Yahya disclosed that the demonstrators moved towards the Israeli police station and chanted slogans against the Israeli government and the police, who do not carry out their duty cracking down on the crime spread among the Arab community in Israel.

Haj Yahya reported that some skirmishes occurred between the demonstrators and the police, noting that the police attacked the demonstrators.

Several Palestinian-majority cities and neighbourhoods in Israel witnessed demonstrations against Israeli police complicity in fighting crime and violence.

It is worth noting that Palestinians Arabs set up a sit-in tent in front of the police station in Wadi Ara last Monday as part of the decisions taken by the municipality of Umm al-Fahm and the People’s Committee, in order to put pressure on the Israeli police to take action against crime.