Palestinians fear displacement from an annexed Jordan Valley

A Palestinian shepherd is pictured in Atuf, near the Jewish settlement of Baqout, in the Jordan Valley (AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  June 21, 2020

Top US officials from President Donald Trump’s administration will hold two meetings to discuss whether to green light Israel’s annexation plans, according to i24 News.

Included in Trump’s cohort involved in the discussions are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Adviser Richard O’Brien, Avi Berkowitz, Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations and Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. The US ambassador to Israel David Friedman will also attend.

It is said that Trump will attend these meetings, taking place on Monday and Tuesday, “at some point”.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared annexation of the West Bank will begin on the 1st of July.

There has been an outcry in the international community, including from the United Nations and the European Union about plans to annex illegally occupied Palestinian land.

However, Trump has been vocal in his support for annexation of the West Bank, and has essentially given his approval for Israel to proceed with its plans that would see swathes of Palestinian land snatched by Israel.

Trump last year signed an executive order recognising the illegally occupied Golan Heights as sovereign to Israel, and subsequently had an illegal settlement named after him.

Democratic politicians including Bernie Sanders have voiced their concerns about the annexation plans, but have been warned by the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee that criticism must be as far as it goes, and practical action like sanctions or cutting aid to Israel should not be considered.