Palestinians call for PLO change and reject normalisation

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA)'s spokesperson Ahmad Muhaisen (MEMO)

Middle East Monitor  /  November 2, 2020

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad (PCPA) has called for the rebuilding of the Palestine Liberation Organisation and rejected all Arab normalisation deals with Israel, it was announced said on Saturday. The announcement came after a conference on “Priorities of the Palestinian Cause in the Upcoming Phase and the Anticipated Role of Palestinians Abroad” held in Istanbul.

Participants at the conference affirmed the “unity of the Palestinian land, the people and the goals.” They also reiterated the importance of electing a leadership “that guides the Palestinian people through a project of liberation that would ultimately free people from the occupation.” Zionist attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause must be challenged, they insisted, while the PLO must be rebuilt so that it represents all Palestinians at home and in the diaspora.

The conference also suggested that the time of the Oslo Accords is finished, and the agreement must be abandoned. The legitimate right of all people living under occupation, including the Palestinians, to resist the occupation was also affirmed.

“The Arab, Islamic and human depth of the Palestinian cause must be reinstated,” they added, “and the power of all Palestinians at home and abroad must be integrated within the national project.” Modern technology and social media must be utilised to the full to ensure that the message is passed to new generations of Palestinians and their supporters, said the PCPA.

Online elections for the Palestinian National Council, it was agreed, will guarantee the participation of all Palestinians, with particular attention paid to those in the part of Palestine occupied in 1948 to activate them as a key component of the Palestinian people.