Palestine MP: Administrative detention ‘open-ended life sentence’

Palestinians holding banners gather to protest against Israels administrative detention policy (Mustafa Hassona - Anadolu Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  December 12, 2022

Israel’s use of administrative detentions, imprisonment without charge or trial, is an ‘open-ended life sentence’ against Palestinians, Palestinian Member of Parliament Ahmad Attoun said yesterday.

Calling for urgent action to stop the Israeli violations, Attoun said Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails need serious support and their cause needs to be prioritized.

“I spent 17 years in Israeli jails,” he said, “more than nine of them under administrative detention. Whenever I am released, just a number of days pass, and I am detained again and locked down under claims of secret files.”

He stated: “This is a systematic Israeli policy that goes against all international laws and conventions, and see the Israeli occupation does not respect any of the legal bases or the pledges to release prisoners when the terms of their detention end.”