Palestine Fatwa Council: Israel’s demolition of Al-Bustan suburb ‘dangerous’

Middle East Monitor  /  March 29, 2021

The Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council on Sunday warned of the Israeli demolition of Al-Bustan suburb in Jerusalem’s neighbourhood of Silwan, Sama News Agency reported.

Following a meeting headed by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Hussein, the council announced that this demolition is leading to the displacement of tens of Palestinian families for the sake of building Jewish facilities.

“This is a dangerous precedent in the history of Jerusalem,” a statement by the Fatwa Council asserted, adding: “It is the start of an approach that includes demolition of complete neighbourhoods and collective deportation.”

According to the council: “This measure, which aims to expel indigenous people from their land, is a plan to evacuate the southern part of Al-Aqsa Mosque to ensure there is no human shield to protect the mosque.”

In the statement, the council said that the Israeli occupation authorities are also targeting Palestinian cemeteries in the area, along with Palestinian homes.

“This measure coincides with provocative escalations by the Israeli Jewish settlers who carry out daily desecration of the Muslim holy site,” the statement confirmed.

Meanwhile, the mufti warned of Israel’s exploitation of the COVID-19 lockdown to escalate its Judaisation plans and efforts to undermine Al-Aqsa Mosque’s foundations.

The mufti also condemned the Israeli demolition of Al-Mayta village in the north of the occupied Jordan Valley, describing the demolition as a form of Israeli aggression on Palestinian lands.