PA: Jewish settler crimes expose efforts to protect Israel from ICC investigation

Middle East Monitor  /  March 8, 2021

The ongoing crimes committed by Jewish settlers against the Palestinians, their land, and property have exposed those trying to protect the occupation state from the investigation of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Palestinian Authority said on Sunday.

“There has been a sharp increase in settler attacks against Palestinian civilians in Palestinian towns and villages during the past 24 hours,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. “These attacks are taking place in broad daylight, and reflect how easily the terrorist settlers move inside the Palestinian areas, and the amount of freedom given to them, starting from the planning stages of their attacks, the monitoring of victims, and carrying out their crimes with complete ease and impunity.”

The ministry condemned the Israeli crimes and stressed that they can neither be hidden nor ignored. “They must be reflected through UN resolutions condemning the occupation and terrorist settlers so that the whole world knows the reality of the occupation, especially the governments which defend the behaviour and morality of the Israeli army.” Israel, it added, is not above the law. “It must be held to account, regardless of the protection it receives from the US.”

Reports by rights groups and mass media, including outlets in Israel, have found that all kinds of settler attacks are being carried out before the eyes of the world and with the support of the Israeli government, noted Al-Watan Voice. According to the news website, the Israeli occupation forces help the settlers to plan their attacks and then provide them with cover as they withdraw in the aftermath.