PA: Israel agree to reunion of 1,000 Palestinian families

Head of the Palestinian General Authority for Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh (Twitter)

Middle East Monitor  /  December 30, 2021

Head of the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s General Commission of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, announced on Wednesday that Israel had agreed to the reunion of 1,000 Palestinian families.

On twitter, Al-Sheikh wrote: “This is the second batch of reunification agreement which covers all Palestinian governorates.”

Meanwhile, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that Defence Minister Benny Gantz agreed on 9,500 cases.

Al-Sheikh said that the agreement on the reunion of the Palestinian families was part of the understandings that took place between Gantz and the PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

On 19 October, the PA announced Israel’s agreement on 4,000 reunions, while in August the PA announced Israel’s agreement on 5,000 reunions.

The Israeli occupation, Al Sheikh said, had stopped its agreements on reunions 12 years before the Gantz and Abbas understandings.

Gantz and Abbas held early this week their second face-to-face meeting since August.

“We discussed the implementation of economic and civilian measures and emphasized the importance of deepening security coordination and preventing terror and violence (Palestinian resistance) for the well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians,” Gantz said.