Kuwait ‘position towards Israel unchanged’

Middle East Monitor  /  August 16, 2020

Kuwait’s position towards Israel is unchanged after its accord with the United Arab Emirates and it will be the last country to normalise relations, newspaper Al-Qabas reported on Sunday citing Kuwaiti government sources.

Israel and the UAE announced an agreement on Thursday that will lead to a full normalisation of diplomatic relations between the two states, making the UAE the only third Arab state to do so, after Egypt and Jordan.

A Kuwait foreign ministry official was not immediately available to comment.

“The Kuwaiti position is consistent with its decades-old foreign policy approach in support of the Palestinian cause, as it is the premier Arab issue, and only accepting a solution if it is what the Palestinians accept,” Al-Qabas said.

Palestinians denounced the Israel-UAE deal, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar have remained silent. Fellow Gulf nations Oman and Bahrain praised the deal.