Jordan Valley Solidarity: We need action not words – stop the annexation of the Jordan Valley !

Women protest (Jordan Valley Solidarity)

June 19, 2020

Jordan Valley Solidarity is  a network of Palestinian grassroots community groups from all over the Jordan Valley and international supporters.

The world is now waking up to what we’ve known for years. Our land, our livelihoods and our very existence are under threat from Israel’s plans to annex our land and plunder its natural resources.

We are calling on all grassroots activists to take action on or around the Day of Rage on 1st July.

Publicly, the Israeli state will start the annexation on 1st July 2020. In reality, they have already started. In recent months we’ve experienced an escalation in: attacks from settlers, demolition of family homes, destruction of health and water facilities, and military occupations of our communities. ‘Nature reserves’ have been created as a pretext to confiscate land, and signs are being removed that designate Palestinian villages. This week the road to Ka’abne and Jabal al-Baba on the outskirts of East Jerusalem has been blocked, preventing movement in and out of these two Palestinian communities.

As we write, the occupation is planning the details of the next step in its colonial expansion. We must plan our resistance.

We demand that all state and international institutions impose immediate sanctions on Israel, supporting the United call from Palestinian Civil Society for sanctions. The annexation has been condemned by international law scholarsInternational Human Rights experts appointed by the UNthe EU, and many governments. We need to turn their words into action and we know they will only do this under pressure from the grassroots.

We are appealing to all our friends around the world to take whatever action you can, wherever you are.