Israeli strikes in 100 days – 20 attacks on Iranian positions in eight Syrian provinces, kill 102 Iranian-backed militiamen

(Syrian Observatory for Human Rights)

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights  /  August 4, 2020

As Israeli missiles and aircraft are easily  reaching their targets in Syrian territory, the attacks have been increasing and focusing on Iranian forces and Iranian-backed militias in particular, as well as regime forces and loyalists.

The Syrian Observatory continues monitoring and tracking the considerable escalation of Israeli attacks on Syria, documenting at least 20 attacks between April 20 and August 3. The attacks in this period hit Iranian positions in Al-Quneitra, Daraa, Homs Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Hama, Damascus and Rif Dimashq.

According to SOHR statistics, the Israeli attacks during the past 100 days hit the following areas:

  • Deir Ezzor: nine attacks (seven attacks on Al-Bokamal and countryside, while the rest hit Al-Mayadin desert)
  • Homs desert: three attacks
  • Hama: two attacks
  • Damascus: two attacks
  • Rif Dimashq: two attacks
  • Aleppo: one attack
  • Daraa: one attack

The intensive Israeli attacks left many fatalities and caused significant material damage, as SOHR activists have documented at least 102 fatalities, mostly of Iranian forces and Iranian-backed militiamen of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities. The attacks also destroyed large number of positions, weapons and ammunition depots.