Israel to deploy more Border Police in mixed Palestinian-Jewish cities

Middle East Monitor  /  June 5, 2021

Israel’s security cabinet on Friday approved a plan to reinforce numbers of Border Police in mixed Arab-Jewish cities for the coming three months, Israeli media reported.

Israeli Public Security Minister Amir Ohana introduced the plan in the wake of protests waged by Arab citizens against the Israeli offensive on Gaza between 11 and 21 May, when Israel killed around 265 Palestinians, including 67 children and 40 women.

The plan aims to deploy two more Border Police companies, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, to serve in the mixed cities for up to three months.

 Haaretz reported that the additional Border Police would be brought to the mixed cities “for the good of safeguarding the public order” and to reinforce already existing police stations.

The cost of the plan is around NIS100 million ($30 million).

Israeli police announced on Thursday that they had detained 2,142 Arabs in a detention campaign in the last few days, a statement revealed.

According to the statement, 285 were indicted and 614 are still under remand detention, while the others were released following investigation.

The crackdown campaign aims to prevent Arab citizens from revolting against the Israeli occupation when it carries out aggression on Palestinians.

During the brutal crackdown, two Arabs were killed and tens wounded, in addition to hundreds of shops and homes being attacked by armed Israelis protected by the Israeli occupation forces.