Israel General: Jordan’s threats regarding annexation ‘hollow’

Middle East Monitor  /  May 20, 2020

Israeli General Amir Afifi described Jordan’s threats regarding the occupation’s plans to annex the West Bank as “hollow”, Arabi21 reported yesterday.

Afifi, who wrote an article on Israel Hayom, said: “Jordan does not have the sufficient capabilities to threaten Israel, nor the United States.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah II warned that the Israeli annexation of the occupied West Bank would trigger a “massive conflict” between Jordan and Israel.

The Israeli General stated that Jordan is facing a “stifling” economic crisis, revealing that the king had petitioned the international community for assistance in the fight against the coronavirus.

Afifi said that the king’s remarks reveal that Jordan is facing a potentially “unprecedented dilemma” if Israel carries out its annexation plan, “but I do not think that the threats are serious.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that cabinet discussions would start in July over extending sovereignty over illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and over the Jordan Valley, in line with the US Middle East “peace plan” – which was criticised by the United Nations, Palestinians, and a large number of international governments