Israel analyst expects continuation of tension on eastern Gaza fence

Middle East Monitor  /  September 30, 2023

Israeli military analyst Tal Lev-Ram expects tension to continue on the eastern Gaza fence despite understandings between Hamas and Israel.

On Thursday, mediators between Hamas and Israel announced reaching understandings between the two sides, stating that Israel agreed to increase the number of workers from Gaza to 20,000.

According to Maariv, Lev-Ram said that the Israeli occupation army is preparing for a deterioration of the situation on the eastern fence of Gaza.

He also noted that the Israeli response to the latest protests and demonstrations on the fence indicates Israel is not interested in any attack on Gaza that might lead to escalation.

Lev-Ram predicts the situation on the eastern fence of Gaza could remain tense for the coming weeks.

Hamas, which runs Gaza, confirmed it would ask the demonstrators to stop their actions near the fence, informing them that Israel has made several concessions.

The understandings were mediated by Qatar and Egypt.