Islamic Jihad ready to participate in Palestinian National Council elections

Islamic Jihad leader Mohammed al-Hindi delivers (Ashraf Amra - APA Images)

Middle East Monitor  /  October 3, 2020

Member of the political bureau of Islamic Jihad in Palestine Mohammed al-Hindi has announced that his movement is ready to take part in Palestinian National Council elections, Shehab News Agency reported on Friday.

Speaking to the Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV, Al-Hindi confirmed that these elections “must” be aimed at reconstructing the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) as: “A liberation organisation not as a submissive organisation.”

He stressed that the start of ending the internal Palestinian division is the unity against the Israeli occupation, warning of: “Continuing dependence on manoeuvres or small tactics and political changes that could take place here or there.”

He also emphasised the importance of cutting relations and stopping partnership with “the Zionist enemy”, reiterating the importance of: “Popular activities and friction with the enemy in the West Bank as a means to revive corporeal spirit for the Palestinians.”

Meanwhile, he conveyed: “Arab normalisation of ties with Israel, the deal of the century and Israel’s annexation plans proved that dependence on the partnership with the Zionists is wrong.”

He also urged that the PLO “must” be the reference for the Palestinian Authority (PA), not vice versa, and that due to the PLO being “the umbrella for all Palestinians”, it should determine all policies.

The Islamic Jihad leader confirmed that the ongoing dialogue between Fatah and Hamas: “Is a basic and supporting factor for any effort aiming to regain Palestinian unity.”