Islamic Jihad determined to break Gaza siege, says official

Members of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad (Mustafa Hassona - Anadolou Agency)

Middle East Monitor  /  August 30, 2021

Resistance factions in the occupied Gaza Strip are determined to break the unjust siege, the Islamic Jihad Movement announced on Sunday.

“What is happening on the separation fence conveys the grievance of our Palestinian people to the regional and international community, as well as the occupation,” the movement’s spokesperson, Tareq Salmi, told reporters, adding that the Israeli moves to impose new equations would lead to “nowhere”.

He stressed that the resistance groups were: “Open to all options and possibilities in the face of the occupation intransigence, the continuation of its siege and the prevention of the reconstruction in Gaza.”

“The Palestinian resistance groups are determined to stabilize the equation of conflict and defeat the siege of Gaza,” Salmi reiterated.