International opposition to Israel annexation must not be underestimated, warns Israel official

Gilad Erdan (Quds News Network)

Middle East Monitor  /  July 9, 2020

International opposition to Israel’s annexation plans in the occupied West Bank and the Jordan Valley “should not be underestimated,” Israeli Ambassador to both the US and the United Nations Gilad Erdan warned on Tuesday.

“Israel will soon clarify to the international community the importance of defining its borders, as well as its historical right in the West Bank lands,” Erdan was quoted by Israeli public broadcasting corporation KAN as stating.

As part of a US-initiated Middle East peace plan, Israel intends to annex parts of the occupied West Bank to expand its settlements, which are internationally-recognised as being illegal under international law.

On Tuesday, Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan rejected the Israeli plans, warning that: “They could have consequences on bilateral relations with Israel.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) opposes the move, and the US has yet to give its approval to the annexation plans.