Hamas: PA’s return to security cooperation with Israel foiled reconciliation

Member of Hamas' political bureau Mousa Abu Marzouq (Mohammed Salem - Reuters)

Middle East Monitor  /  November 26, 2020

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced on Tuesday that the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s resumption of security cooperation with Israel has foiled national reconciliation.

During a virtual discussion panel, member of Hamas political bureau Dr Musa Abu-Marzouq confirmed: “The Palestinian factions, including Hamas, agreed on holding Palestinian National Council, presidential and parliamentarian elections together, but Fatah refused.”

He added: “Fatah insisted on carrying out the elections separately and highlighted this issue during the meeting held in Istanbul.”

Abu Marzouq indicated that the issue of elections was the “sole obstacle” during the meeting in Cairo.

“The Hamas strategy is the achievement of national unity and depending on ourselves together with our people in light of ongoing circumstances,” Abu Marzouq explained, adding: “We want national unity, political partnership, ending the division and developing the institutions.”

On 16 and 17 November, Fatah and Hamas met in Cairo as part of efforts related to ending the division and achieving national reconciliation.

In September, delegations from both movements met in Istanbul and agreed on laying down a vision for a comprehensive national dialogue in partnership with all Palestinian factions.

Last Tuesday, the PA and Fatah declared the resumption of security cooperation with Israel, a measure strongly criticised by all Palestinian factions and described as a “stab in the back of the potential partnership”.