Fatah is ready to overcome all election obstacles, says official

Electoral employees sort out ballot papers after polling stations closed in the northern West Bank village of Deir al-Hatab in October 2012 (Jaafar Ashtiyeh - AFP)

Middle East Monitor  /  January 18, 2021

Fatah official Munther Hayek said on Sunday that the movement is determined to overcome all obstacles so that the Palestinian people can exercise their right to choose their representatives.

“We are moving towards ending the division and achieving Palestinian and geographical unity to confront all projects aimed at eliminating our people’s dream of freedom and independence,” said Hayek.

He explained that the decree issued by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to hold the elections is a first step towards ending the division. The guarantors of the success of the elections are the Palestinian people, the official pointed out, as they will monitor the factions’ intentions.