DFLP: ‘Abbas placed Palestine issue burden on international community’

Middle East Monitor  /  September 23, 2023

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) faction, announced on Friday that the Palestinian Authority (PA), PLO and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has placed the burden of the Palestinian cause on the international community.

As he addressed world leaders at the United Nations (UN) General AssemblyAbbas acquitted the PA of its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause.

In a statement, the DFLP remarked: “Abbas recognized that the Oslo Accords, signed 30 years ago, did not solve the Palestinian issue, but got it into many predicaments.”

The DFLP added: “When Abbas spoke about Oslo, he ignored the resolutions of the Palestinian legitimacy represented by the Central and National councils that decided to end the transitional stage of Oslo and to get rid of all its terms and conditions.”

According to the DFLP statement, Abbas: “Insisted on laying the burden of the Palestinian cause on the UN and exempt the PA of any responsibility for defending the Palestinians, their land, their rights and their national dignity.”

Meanwhile, Abbas summarized all forms of resistance with the popular resistance: “And even ignored the role of the PA in supporting this form of resistance.”

Abbas ignored the achievements of armed Palestinian resistance and consensuses among the Palestinian factions and showed full respect to the futile international efforts, which prefer Israeli interests over those of Palestinians.