Demonstration against settlements, evictions in Jerusalem

Middle East Monitor  /  July 31, 2021

Tens of Palestinians took part in an anti-settlement and eviction demonstration in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday.

An Anadolu Agency reporter disclosed that tens of Palestinians, including Arab Israeli MKs, gathered in Sheikh Jarrah and chanted against Israeli settlements and the forced evictions of Palestinian families.

According to Anadolu Agency, Israeli occupation forces stormed the area and violently dispersed the demonstration, noting that the Israeli troops confiscated Palestinian flags raised by the protesters.

For three months, Israel has prevented Palestinians and foreign activists from reaching Sheikh Jarrah to show solidarity with its Palestinian families threatened with eviction.

During this time, Israeli forces have cracked down on any activism organised there and on journalists covering the events. They have also prevented access for paramedics to treat those attacked by Israeli police or troops.

In Sheikh Jarrah, 28 Palestinian families have been facing forcible evacuation from their homes inhabited since 1956. The homes were built on Palestinian land given to the families by the Jordanian government, which ruled the area before the Israel occupation, in coordination with UNRWA.

Jewish groups claim that this land belonged to Jews before they occupied Palestine in 1948. Palestinians deny this as it is the pretext that Israel uses to steal Palestinian lands from Palestinian owners.