Children in Silwan traumatized by Israel’s ethnic cleansing policy

Middle East Monitor  /  July 16, 2021

Palestinian children in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan have been traumatized by Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign, including threats to demolish their homes.

In a video report, the Maydan al-Quds TV channel showed children who said they were afraid of displacement and are haunted by the idea of losing their homes and memories.

One child said: “Here, I used to water the plants, relax, sit, play and enjoy my time. After the demolition decision, I am afraid. I am afraid for myself, and I am afraid that the memories will disappear.”

Another said: “I can’t imagine that we will leave this house and not return to it again. The idea is very painful. I cannot believe we will lose our home.”

“My grandchildren ask me many painful questions. They ask me how settlers have the right to force us out of the house and take over it, although it had been built by their grandfather,” one grandmother said.

Many children have asked their parents where they will go if they are forced out of their homes but no one has an answer.