Calls for urgent international intervention in Sheikh Jarrah case

Middle East Monitor  /  August 2, 2021

The Palestinian Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Fadi al-Hadmi, yesterday called on the international community to “immediately intervene” in the Sheikh Jarrah case which sees Palestinians being forcibly evicted from their homes to make way for illegal settlers.

Al-Hadmi warned in a statement that the Israeli government describes the case as a “real estate dispute”, noting what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah is a “political issue par excellence”.

“Tomorrow, the Israeli court will begin to reconsider giving the Israeli Central Court the green light to evict the families of Al-Kurd, Al-Qassem, Al-Jaouni and Skafi, after it postponed the decision on evicting the families of: Al-Dajani, Hammad, and Al-Dahoudi, a few days ago” Al-Hadmi said, adding that “the Israeli government’s attempts to describe the case as a judicial struggle over real estate will not deceive anyone. The whole world knows that what is happening is an attempt to replace the original owners of the land with settlers.”

“We do not trust the Israeli judicial system, and we know from experience over decades that these courts are nothing but an executive tool that works for the Israeli government and settlers’ benefit” he said, calling on the international community to “show decisiveness in rejecting the displacement plans”.

The District Court of Jerusalem is scheduled to announce the fate of the four Palestinian families from Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah today.

The four families are part of a group of more than 500 Palestinians; comprising 28 families who face forced expulsion from the neighbourhood.