Abdullah Barghouti enters 21st year in Israel jail

Middle East Monitor  /  March 6, 2023

Palestinian prisoner Abdullah Ghalib Barghouti has started his 21st year in Israeli jails since he was arrested on 5 March 2003.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club said in a statement that 51-year-old Barghouti has been subjected to long and harsh questioning that lasted for several months. He was only allowed a family visit in jail 20 years after his incarceration.

The Palestinian prisoner was also held in solitary confinement for several consecutive years.

In 2004, an Israeli military court sentenced Barghouti to 67 consecutive life terms in jail on charges of orchestrating many resistance attacks that claimed the lives of Israelis.

During his imprisonment, Barghouti wrote several books including his autobiography Prince of the Shadows: An Engineer on the Road in which he detailed his struggle against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.