Abbas: ‘No reconciliation talks with Hamas unless international resolutions recognized’

Middle East Monitor  /  August 28, 2021

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has asserted that he will not accept any reconciliation talks with Hamas unless it recognizes international resolutions.

Responding to a letter passed to him by prominent Palestinian businessman Munib al-Masri, who met with Hamas leadership in Gaza and abroad, Abbas wrote: “Hamas has to recognize the international resolutions in order to be a partner.”

In the letter he passed to Abbas, Al-Masri described his meetings with Hamas leadership as “positive” and reiterated Hamas’s intention to end the internal Palestinian division and reach a national reconciliation.

Abbas stressed that “there would be no dialogue with them (Hamas)” unless he is sent a letter by Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh, signed with his name.

Responding to Abbas’s conditions, Hamas Spokesperson Abdul-Latif al-Qanou announced in a statement: “Any national dialogue should be based on Cairo understandings.”

He described Abbas’s conditions as a “surrender” to the Zionists and stated: “It is opposed with the Palestinian national consensus.”

The Hamas official described Abbas’s stance as a “big obstacle” ahead of reaching national unity based on the Cairo understandings, which are being accepted by all Palestinian factions.