Dutch-Palestinian sues Benny Gantz in Hague for war crimes in 2014 Gaza operation

Israeli army chief Benny Gantz, center, photographed on 20 July 2014, is being sued by Ismail Ziada for the bombing of his family’s home in Gaza that same day, resulting in the deaths of seven people including Ziada’s mother. (via Flickr)

In civil suit before Dutch district court, complainant blames the former IDF chief and then-air force commander of killing six family members in bombardment of their Gaza house

Amira Hass

Haaretz  /  February 1, 2019

Benny Gantz will already be a member of Knesset or maybe even a government minister when he, or someone on his behalf, asks a court in The Hague to dismiss the civil suit against him for killing six Gazan residents on July 20, 2014.

The plaintiff is Ismail Ziada, a Dutch citizen born in the Gazan refugee camp of Al Bureij. His claim against Gantz, the army chief of staff during Operation Protective Edge, and against Amir Eshel, the commander of the Israeli Air Force at the time, was filed in late March 2018. It holds them responsible for the bombing of his family’s home in Bureij, and for the deaths of his mother, three siblings, a sister-in-law and a nephew. A guest in their home during the air raid was also killed.

Ziada’s lawyer, Liesbeth Zegveld from Amsterdam, wrote in the claim that the Israeli army investigates itself when civilians get killed, that the procedures and legislation in Israel deny Palestinians a fair opportunity to file civil compensation claims in the Israeli courts, and that the Oslo Accords prohibit the Palestinians from suing Israelis in Palestinian courts.

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