8 februari Amsterdam One Night in Nablus (with @Daoud Nassar) // OT301

Amsterdam, Overtoom 301

In February Ontmoet Palestina will host the second edition of One Night in Nablus in OT301. For a night we will meet Palestine.

A visit to Palestine is an intense experience. Central in our trips are the daily struggles that the Palestinians have to deal with, however, you will also be amazed by the resilience, hospitality and beautiful culture of the Palestinians.

This night will be like a night you could experience in Palestine: full of politics and discussion but we will also enjoy the Palestinian food, music, and dance. We are delighted that the Palestinian farmer Daoud Nassar from Tent of Nations / Nassar Farm will be the main guest of the evening.

Tickets (€10) are sold at the door.


20.00 Walk-in and Arabic buffet. Together we drink, talk and enjoy the food.

20:30 Daoud Nassar (Tent of Nations / Nassar Farm) will share the story of his family’s commitment to living a life of nonviolent resistance: refusing to be enemies in the face of continuous obstacles that they, and most Palestinians, face in their search for a normal life.

21.00  Spoken words on Palestine and power structures. What can we learn from Palestine? Scroll down for additional information. Topics and speakers are:
– Media bias (Derk Walters)
– Racism and white privilege (Martijn Dekker)
– Religion and conflict (Janneke Stegeman)
– Western policy in the Middle East (Benjamin Baars)

21:30 Daoud Nassar. Concluding remarks on the talks, and possibility to ask your questions to Daoud

22:00 Dabka performance and workshop from Dreaming of Syria

23:00-03.00 DJ Matrub مطروب, Lulu and Derozan will let us dance to the latest and hottest Arabic music

Whole evening

Besides the main area there will be a Palestinian cafe. Here you can find delicious food throughout the evening, smoke shisha and play games. We will make a live connection on a big screen with our Palestinian friends in the Tarabeesh Coffee Shop in Nablus. There will be a stand with information on how to visit Palestine. Join a group trip with Ontmoet Palestine or volunteer on the wonderful Tent of Nations farm.

Additional information on the guests:

Daoud Nassar – Daoud Nassar, a Palestinian Christian farmer, is Director of the Tent of Nations Project: an educational and environmentally conscious farm that seeks to build bridges between people, and between people and the land. The farm has been in his family since 1916. It is located 6 kilometers from Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank. The one-hundred-acre farm is surrounded on three sides by Israeli Settlements, and below by the Palestinian village of Nahalin. The family has been in the Israeli courts since 1991 seeking to maintain their claim to their land. For more information see www.tentofnations.org .

Dreaming of Syria – The aim of Dreaming of Syria was initially to show the people in the Netherlands that the refugees who are new to this country are indeed bringing a lot of talent, knowledge and a beautiful culture. Among many other events, they hosted the famous Dabka Nights in Tivoli Vredenburg. This evening they will give a Dabka (Arabic folk dance) performance and workshop. Yallahhh Yallahh the roof will go off!

DJ Matrub مطروب – Out of the Dutch wetlands Matrub rose as a dedication to the Syrian diaspora, playing and reproducing good music vibes played all over the Arab World, in between Casablanca and Muscat. Matrub is resident DJ at the Dabke Nights in Utrecht (NL) and played on many festivals, like Lowlands Festival.

DJ Lulu and DeRozan – Lulu joined one of our trips to Palestine. Always lightening up the vibe with her smile and craziness. This night she will create good vibes on the turntables. You might know her from festivals like Dekmantel Selectors or Strange Sounds From Beyond. Lulu will play b2b with Derozan. Derozan is known for playing experimental dance and world music with a strong focus on the slow, weird and wonderful. Immerse yourself with others in the harmony of hypnotic chants, traditional percussion styles, haunting strings and inner trance vibrations.

Spoken words (what can we learn from Palestine):

Derk Walters – Derk is a journalist for the Dutch newspaper NRC. For years he worked in Tel-Aviv and East-Jerusalem as a correspondent but he was forced to leave when the Israeli authorities refused to renew his visa. He wrote a book on his experiences as a journalist called “Israel zegt geen sorry meer” (Israel is no longer saying sorry).

Janneke Stegeman – Janneke studied protestant theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In 2014, she earned a Ph.D. with her dissertation ‘Decolonizing Jeremiah: Identity, Narratives and Power in Religious Tradition’, written while living in Jerusalem. She will elaborate on the role of religion in the conflict.

Martijn Dekker – Martijn is a political anthropologist and lecturer at the University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam, specialized in Palestine and the Middle East. He is also active for the Dutch political party BIJ1 that strives for equality in Dutch society. As a white male, he became more aware of his privileged position while living and doing research in Israel and Palestine.

Benjamin Baars – Benjamin is one of the founders of Ontmoet Palestina He wrote his thesis on the role of the Palestinian Authority, Israel and the International community in counter-insurgency operations against the Palestinian people. He also worked for the organization Stop Wapenhandel (Stop Arms Trade) researching the harmful effects of arms trade on the Middle East.