6 november Tourism, Colonialism and the Economy in Jerusalem – online 19 uur

Event by Grassroots Al-Quds and Handmade Palestine

Join us on Saturday the 6th of November for an online talk in cooperation between Grassroots Al-Quds and Handmade Palestine.

During this talk, Faryouz Sharqawi from Grassroots Al Quds will discuss Jerusalem by answering the following questions:

*What is the connection between tourism, economy, and colonialism?

*How do Israeli occupation policies disempower the Palestinian communities, their tourism infrastructure, and economy?

*How does this contribute to the displacement of Palestinians and the entrenching of colonial narratives and control?

*And most importantly, how do we counter these policies and strengthen the spreading of our narrative and the strengthening of our local economy?

This event will be broadcasted on Zoom and on Facebook LIVE. We will share the links with you soon.


This event comes in support of @Palestine Online Bazaar & Crowdfunding Campaign by Handmade Palestine.


Grassroots Al-Quds was established in 2011 out of the belief in Jerusalem’s historical and current importance and the need for a platform for Palestinian networking in the city. Our goal is to support Palestinian sumoud (steadfastness and resilience) in Al-Quds. We research and create knowledge that supports community mobilization. We build networks between the different Palestinian communities in Jerusalem, so that they can overcome their fragmentation by the Israeli occupation authorities, and make long-term plans and strategies for the city as a whole.