25% of Israel military pilots have not received training for 2 months

Middle East Monitor  /  September 2, 2023

Israeli analysts disclosed on Friday that the competence of the Israeli army has declined due to the coalition judicial reforms, Arab48 reported on Friday.

Military analyst Tal Lev-Ram shared that the Israeli army is worried about the reception of the crisis within Israeli society regarding the army’s competence on the security fronts.

Lev-Ram said August was not a good month for the army, noting that September and October will reflect dramatic views about the army’s competence.

He pointed out that the immediate impact of the soldiers who declare their decisions to stop showing up for military service affects the Air Force, as between 20 to 25 per cent are reserve pilots who have not received any training for two months.

The analyst said that the increasing protest will aggravate the crisis within the army, noting that the impact of the legislation related to the Haredim [ultra-orthodox Jews] goes beyond the reserves.

Meanwhile, military analyst for Haaretz Amos Harel stated that the recruitment cohort in August passed successfully, but the real obstacle will arise in the coming months.

He expects that the protests among the army will become fiercer when the Haredim legislations start next month, noting that the problem goes beyond the reserves.

“The impact will affect the incentives for recruitment and the feelings of part of the regular troops and those in permanent service,” Harel explained, adding: “This possibility will be monitored by protest movements.”