22 juni – archives for the future Palestine and the politics of knowledge production

woensdag 22  juni 

tijd: 17:00 – 18:30 uur

locatie: Spui25

aanmelden: hier

sprekers: Gil Z. Hochberg, Hanan Toukan, Chiara De Cesari, Nat Muller en Noa Roei (moderator).

Zie detailes sprekers: Palestine and the Politics of Knowledge Production – SPUI25

What gets left out of the archive? What is the relationship between the archive and the public? What claims of authority and knowledge (scientific, historical, credible, provable) are made in the name of the archive? Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature, and Middle East Studies Gil Z. Hochberg will address these and related issues through the presentation of her latest monograph, Becoming Palestine: Toward an Archival Imagination of the Future (Duke University Press), where she examines how contemporary Palestinian artists, filmmakers, dancers, and activists use the archive in order to radically imagine Palestine’s future. By urging readers to think about archives as a break from history rather than as history’s repository, Hochberg presents a fundamental reconceptualization of the archive’s liberatory potential. The evening will conclude with a panel debate and public discussion.