14 oktober Palestijnse films op Netflix

Netflix is about to welcome an influx of Palestinian films both short and feature length on the 14th of October, including some documentaries.
Keep an eye for this rare opportunity to learn about the daily struggles of Palestinians in the occupied home as well as in the diaspora.
Titles that will be available 
1. Salt of This Sea
2. A Drowning Man
3. Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
4. A Man returned
5. When I Saw You
6. Children of Shatila
7. Divine Intervention
8. The Crossing
9. Paradise Now
10. Chronicle of a Disappearance
11. Maradona’S Legs
12. 3000 Nights
13. In Vitro
14. Bonbone
15. Three Logical Exists
16. Ghost Hunting
17. Ave Maria